fuboTV delivers a 100% deterministic audience in a premium brand-safe, engaged lean-back environment.
Addressable Targeting
Our subscription-based model offers household level, first-party data to define and segment our audience.
Premium Content
The biggest live sporting events and entertainment programming from across top networks.
Branded Integrations
Fully integrate your brand into exclusive live sports and original programming.
Brands can activate via PG, PMP or DirectIO and run CTV video across 100+ premium sports, entertainment and news networks.

Premium CTV Video

We deliver a premium, live, big screen environment offering DAI placement in the traditional TV commercial pods:


Audience Targeting

Our subscription-based model allows partners to reach a 100% deterministic audience (1:1 targeting) in a brand-safe and engaged living room environment

First-Party Addressable

Leverage fuboTV's first-party data to create custom audience segments for your brand

Unmatched Transparency

fuboTV provides complete network-level transparency in a 100% brand-safe environment

Incremental Reach

Reach a highly engaged audience of young, affluent cord-cutters

Measurement & Attribution

fuboTV optimizes addressable campaigns and provides unparalleled account service and reporting

How Addressable works with FuboTV

Gain access to custom-targeted segments in real-time through brand-safe addressable private marketplaces.


(Create Segments)

  • Identify your brand’s target audience and campaign objectives
  • Leverage fuboTV’s 1P data to create custom addressable segments
  • Activate via PG, PMP, or DirectIO

During Campaign

(Deliver Addressable Ads)

  • Reach only your addressable audience
  • Ads are served when they’re watching fuboTV
  • No wastage of impressions


(Measure Results)

  • Provide campaign wrap-up report with predetermined custom KPIs
  • Ability to provide a brand-lift study, based on investment

Data and Measurement

fuboTV delivers network-level measurement and works with top industry partners.

Creative Advertising Solutions

One-of-a-kind opportunities to customize and integrate your brand across original programming and various consumer touch points where they are engaging with our content.

Branded Content Studio

Create custom branded content – via creative and concept development or collaboration with a brand partner – and distribute it across Fubo Sports Network and all its social channels.

Sponsored Extensions

Extend your brand message through targeted sponsorships across many of our consumer touch points like our social handles, in-app pop-ups, subscriber e-blasts and more.

Interactive Opportunities

Leverage fuboTV’s unique interactive predictive challenge, Free-to-Play, which allows viewers to be a part of the action while their favorite games are on live! We offer many opportunities to be a sponsor and even offer prizing!

Home Screen Integrations

Drive your brand through high-impact opportunities on our home screen which drive viewers to all of the action across sports, news and entertainment.

Live Sports Tentpoles

FuboTV can deliver targeted CTV opportunities across top live events throughout the year.

College Football

College Basketball

Our Partners

Top companies across various industries have partnered with fuboTV to reach their target audiences and drive ROI.