Addressable Video Solutions

Leverage deterministic user data to efficiently reach a 1:1 audience in a premium CTV environment.
Data-Driven Solutions

Tap Into First-Party Subscriber Data to Ensure Your Ads Reach the Right Audience With No Wastage of Impressions

Drive Incremental Reach

Fubo’s Unduplicated Audience Enables Incrementality in Your CTV Spend and Augments Linear Buys

Optimize and Measure ROI
Harness Reach-Frequency Optimization and Measure Campaign Results

Premium Video Inventory

We Deliver Your Creative in a Live, Big-Screen Environment, Offering Dynamically Ad-Inserted Placement in Traditional TV Pods:

How to Buy

Fubo is Buy-Side Agnostic, Allowing Agencies and Brands to Transact with Ease and Unmatched Flexibility
Direct I/O
Tap Into Fubo’s Premium Video Inventory and 1P Data with Efficiency, Transparency and Control
Programmatic Guaranteed (PG)
Guaranteed Access to Premium Inventory + Audience Targeting Through 1P Data
Private Marketplace (PMP)
1:1 Custom Deals with Network Whitelists + Audience Targeting Through Your DSP

Data and Measurement

Fubo delivers network-level measurement and works with top industry partners.

Our Partners

Top Brands Trust Fubo’s Premium Video Inventory