Coming Summer 2023

One day, on his weekly walk through the Adirondacks, Ryan had a vision: What if we could hug the world in a soft, lumberjack-plaid jacket of joy, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, like a warm, fuzzy Snuggie, fresh from the dryer? Introducing the Maximum Effort Channel. We’re building a platform that works with brands, advertisers, and storytellers to bring people together in fun, smart, and unexpected ways.

Let’s reimagine every detail of the TV viewing experience together, to deliver maximum joy to creators, advertisers, and viewers like you.

How to Partner

Sponsor Designations

Drive alignment with channel as an Official Launch Partner and utilize IP/designations


Engage with viewers via timely, content-relevant graphic insertions


Ability to organically incorporate products into original content

PR & Editorial Extensions

Maximize reach across earned media & promotional touchpoints


Create branded content that integrates into existing or new programming

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