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Maximum Effort Channel is a place where brand innovation thrives – offering first of its kind commercial opportunities.

“We believe Fubo occupies the perfect sweet spot between streaming and cable so we’re very grateful for the partnership with Fubo. MEC will try to open the Overton window when it comes to both programming and advertising, but do it in the most gentle, entertaining way possible.”

– Ryan Reynolds

Comfort Food For Your Eyeballs

Maximum Effort Channel is home to original and classic TV and movies – as well as some surprising content breaks – all made for maximum comfort and curated by Ryan himself to provide a ‘calming antidote to the dumpster fire of our world.’
We are so proud to launch the Maximum Effort Channel with our partners Ryan Reynolds and Maximum Effort,” said Fubo Co-founder and CEO David Gandler. “Together, we intend to deliver to consumers and advertisers a truly unique content experience that captures Ryan’s vision of joyful entertainment and that is broadly distributed.”

How to Partner

Sponsor Designations

Drive alignment with channel as an Official Launch Partner and utilize IP/designations


Engage with viewers via timely, content-relevant graphic insertions


Ability to organically incorporate products into original content

PR & Editorial Extensions

Maximize reach across earned media & promotional touchpoints


Create branded content that integrates into existing or new programming

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